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Implementing Odoo

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Implementation Strategy

At JT Moniker, we want to offer you the most affordable Odoo ERP implementation possible while still providing you with extensive functionality.  To accomplish this, we  break projects up into well-defined stages. 

This way, we are first able to fully explore how much of your unique business needs can be fulfilled using default Odoo functionality. Afterwards, if necessary, we can 
pinpoint custom developments that will provide you with an optimal ROI.

Process Overview


Initially, our goal will be to get to know your company and compile a list of your unique business needs. At the end of this process we will provide you with our GAP-analysis and a plan for an Odoo prototype.


After the analysis phase, the next step is to create a prototype instance of Odoo for your company. In this stage, we try to meet all of your business needs using only default Odoo functionality.


Upon successful creation of a tailored prototype, we will work with you to determine what, if anything is missing. Our team will help you customize Odoo to make sure it fulfills your needs.

Deploy & Train

This stage focuses on finalizing data import and deploying your custom instance of Odoo. Once your implementation is live, we'll help your organization learn how to use Odoo to its full potential.


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Odoo SH Hosting

Host your Odoo instance in the Odoo cloud for optimal performance, security, redundancy and affordability (no need to manage your own infrastructure).

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Further Customization

After Odoo has been implemented it's time to start exploring larger customizations. Our development team will work with you to develop more advanced features

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Moving your business onto a new system can sometimes take time to master. Our Odoo functional experts will be available to help you move forward quickly and effortlessly.

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