Odoo SH Hosting

Hosting your instance on the Odoo cloud.

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Odoo SH Hosting

Hosting your instance on the Odoo cloud.

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Odoo SH

Optimized Odoo Hosting Solution.

Leverage the power, redundancy and performance of the Odoo cloud to effortlessly set up and manage an optimized hosting solution.

Why Odoo SH?

Optimized for Odoo

Using Odoo SH wil provide you with an IT infrastructure that is 100% optimized to run your instance of Odoo. So, you can run your business quickly and efficiently right out of the gate.

Fully Customizable

Hosting your company on Odoo SH provides your business with the performance benefits of Odoo online, while still allowing for the integration of custom-made applications.

Managed by Odoo

Outsourcing your information infrastructure allows you to operate your business without an IT workforce. Therefore, you can focus your time and money on growing sales.

Data Redundancy

Data is the lifeblood of any business. Without your data, your organization cannot function. Odoo SH provides a secure, redundant environment pefect for protecting your data.

Extreme Reliability

Because the infrastructure is created and maintained by Odoo themselves, it's incredibly reliable. On average, the odoo.sh servers boast an average uptime very near 100%.


Setting up an optimized hosting infrastructure is no small task. Using Odoo SH will help save your company time. In just 3 clicks, your business can be up and running.

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