Customizing Odoo

Making sure Odoo has what you need.

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Customizing Odoo

Making sure Odoo has what you need.

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What We Do.

Alter Existing Features

Tweak Odoo's functionality to better suit your needs.

Vertical Applications

Standalone applications for a new industry/operation.

Horizontal Applications

Bridge applications for an existing operation/feature.

API Integrations

Integrate your instance of Odoo with an external API.

Custom Reporting

Custom reports to promote data-driven decisions.

Custom Themes

Custom website theme to keep your brand consistent.

JT Moniker Custom Library

As a JTM partner, you will have access to our growing library of Odoo applications, extensions and bug fixes. Our work is primarily focused on tailoring Odoo for optimal use by Candian businesses. However, we are also focused on improving default workflows, optimizing operational efficiency and developing all new functionality.


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Canada Post Shipping

Our Canada Post for Odoo integration module allows the user to get accurate live rates for shipments through their E-Commerce website or the sales workflow. In the warehouse, your staff can transmit and manage their CPC shipments in Odoo.

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3D Bin Packing

A complex bin-packing algorithm that automatically packages an order into user-defined boxes. This application is critical to generating accurate shipping rates while providing packing suggestions to your warehouse staff.

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Advanced E-Commerce

Grouped products, live shipping quotes and pack-sizes are just some examples of our advanced E-commerce features. We're able to configure your online shop however you need in order to maximize web sales.

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